Why just be a Network Engineer, Hardware or IT Engineer, when you can be more?
Why start your career as Associate Engineer after Bachelor Degree when you can start as ‘Level 3 Engineer’ or as Networking Specialist?
As Information Technology (IT) is becoming central for more organisations to run their business efficiently, running the business operations smoothly 24/7 has become very crucial. Incase of failure, it can prove to be a disastrous. Enterprises are under increasing pressure to improve service levels and cannot afford downtime so the connected IT infrastructure needs to be reliable.
While the IT Engineer helps meet the employer’s needs for computer hardware, software and networking tools, he is now expected to manage the IT infrastructure like policies, processes, data, human resources, and external contacts etc. for overall effectiveness. So, the role of IT personnel has expanded to Infrastructure Management also.
What is IT Infrastructure?
IT infrastructure consists of all components that somehow play a role in overall IT and IT-enabled operations. It can be used for internal business operations or developing customer IT or business solutions.
What is IMS?
Infrastructure Management Services or IMS is a process that requires a specialized team to operate, monitor fault control and optimize information technology to increase the reliability of the IT infrastructure. IMS enables customers to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, design the right solutions for their operating environments and finally plan and implement a solution that delivers measurable performance improvements.
Infrastructure management is sometimes divided into categories of systems management, network management, and storage management.
Education Requirements
A bachelor’s degree is generally required to begin a career as an IT-IMS engineer. While you might think of getting a system security or network engineering certificate like CCNA or RHCE, the bachelor degree provided by TeamLease Skills University gives you comprehensive knowledge related to all communication technologies, software engineering, computer programming, computer networking fundamentals and IT infrastructure management, all in a single program.
Details of Associate Degree in IT-IMS
Why is this program special?
It’s not just a certificate; it is a University degree that assists students to secure the best of jobs in the industry of your choice.
A host of Job opportunities await you after the program. You could join any industry of your choice as a Desktop Support Engineer, Network Support Engineer, Server Support Engineer, IT Infrastructure Support Engineer or Network Associate etc.
Watch this video to learn about Job Opportunities after IT-IMS program.
Why should you join this program in TeamLease Skills University?
1. The unique feature of TLSU IT-IMS program is practical orientation and On-the-job Training.
2. Along with the balance of theory and practice in the class room, the library & our online educational cloud platform serves as an addition to the learning environment. Real-World exposure in the industry is set through assignments and projects to simulate and industry experience.
3. Soft Skill Training
Soft Skills
In a digital enterprise, while other universities focus only on technical skills, TLSU helps students expand their abilities and value soft skills as much as tech acumen.Soft Skills are crucial for getting students job and helping them grow when they are employed.
Watch this video to see why Soft Skills Training is so important part of every program curriculum at TLSU.
TeamLease Skills University gives education that prepares students to be JOB-READY.
Learn New Technologies & Be an IT-IMS Engineer of the FUTURE. Be Multi-skilled IT-IMS Engineer and not just a IT-Engineer.

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