Increasing Automation in Automobile Sector – More demand for Mechatronics Engineers
Over 400 robots work in Hyundai’s Sriperumbudur factory.Ford’s newly inaugurated Sanand plant in Gujarat has 437 robots. The level of plant automation is 30 per cent but it rises to 95 per cent in the body shop.The Tata Motors plant in Sanand making the Nano, touted as the world’s cheapest car, uses close to 100 robots.
Increased automation has led to an emerging career option: Mechatronics
Indian manufacturers have adopted a novel approach, ‘autonomation’, a judicious mix of people and machines.
Automated manufacturing tasksalso needs manual supervision. Earlier this need was met by mechanical engineers but complex systems & processes, increasing use of IT, CNC machines, embedded systems, manufacturing has become a complex gamut which is better understood by professionals with knowledge of electronics, computer, and mechanical systems altogether. This demand will be met by Mechatronics engineers.
For example, in modern automobiles, mechanical fuel injection systems are now replaced with electronic fuel injection systems. This replacement made the automobiles more efficient and less pollutant. With the help of microelectronics and sensor technology, mechatronics systems are providing high levels of precision and reliability.

What is Mechatronics?
Mechatronics is a concept of Japanese origin and can be defined as the application of electronics and computer technology to control the motion of mechanical systems.
The skill gap?
Around 119 million additional skilled work force will be required by 24 sectors such as construction, retail, transportation logistics, automobile, and handloom by 2022, says a government report. Out of this 3.9 million will be required by auto & auto components manufacturing companies.
The auto companies in mushrooming auto-clusters of Gujarat are required by state norms tohire 80- 80% local workforce but shirk due to lack of skilled professionals. The youth in and around Gujarat needs to be trained for this opportunity in automobile sector.
Training youth with Right Skills
Availability of skilled manpower, with more industries coming in, will be a challenge which needs to be addressed proactively. Thistask is beingsupported by TeamLease Skills University, India’s First Skills University in Vadodara, Gujarat. The undergraduate program in mechatronics stresses on vocational training with strong foundation for automated processes.
Indian manufacturers have adopted a novel approach, ‘autonomation’, a judicious mix of people and machines.
As Gujarat is turning out to be favorite investment destination for automobile manufacturers, TLSU Vadodara has started a program called Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics, whichprepares students to become skilled professionals for the emerging automobile industry.

Established under Public-Private Partnership with the Government of Gujarat and MoU with CII for vocational education and training, TeamLease Skills University aims to create right talent for right jobs. TLSU has designed industry level programs to address the need to create ready-to-employ graduates.
What students of B.Sc Mechatronics learn?
Study the principles of mechatronics and to learn how to apply them in the automation of a manufacturing system.Design &build intelligent products, Operate Complex machines, Create Smart Machines and use their multidisciplinary skills to meet growing demands of any industry. On Job Training & Learning through industry experience are the main differentiators for Mechatronics program at TLSU.
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