Life Skill Training

Life Skill Training
‘You can’t manage others until you can manage yourself’ ~ Steve Smith
Life skills is a combination of two domains- English and Communication Skills and Personality Development and Job Skills. The subject; LIFE SKILLS, inculcates personal development,effective communication and career management. The domain is about skills that one must fine-tune in order for his/her life to work better. Life skills help to explore abilities, skills, values, concepts, new thoughts, and ways of being and behaviours that are necessary to maximize personal and professional potentials. Life skills are skills for effective networking. The subject Life skills is devoted to the process of developing close personal and business relationships that work.
Effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to increase employment marketability and to compete successfully in the business environment. The real key for being a successful person is one’s ability to put the domain knowledge into effective practice. In this context, soft skills have a crucial role to play. If one knows how to deal with people at emotional level (peers, subordinates, superiors, clients, suppliers, etc.) through Emotional Intelligence, he/she can build and sustain effective relationships that will result in mutual gain.
Program Objective
By the end of life skills courses, students will be able to:
  • Understand the various components of life skills and their importance in personal and professional life.
  • Listen, speak and understand English Language.
  • Remove stage fear and stand in front of the class.
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and skills in order to
    • Develop a Healthy Lifestyle: Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Dressing sense
    • Develop positive social skills and etiquettes
    • Communicate through speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Use language to shape and make meaning according to purpose and context in daily life and in the professional set up
  • Become self-confident by learning inter-personal skills, team management skills and leadership skills
  • Learn Employment Seeking & Job Interview Skills
  • Develop positive Work Ethics.
  • Develop all round personality with broad career plans.
  • Understand the social and environmental issues and their implications.
Instructional Methodology
The training for life skills is conducted in a very informal, interesting, and interactive manner,which gives ample scope for you to interact and face a wide variety of issues, topics and situations that you are likely to come across in your professional life.
  • The subject Life skills makes you to understand the concepts with clarity as the input gives emphasis on practical orientation. Activities given are an added advantage.
  • Learning in life skills involves developing assertiveness and attributes. It also involves fine tuning of communication skills to express ideas and thoughts well.
  • Teaching methods in life skills include lectures, projects, role plays, Group activity,assignment, presentation, projection, event management, wall magazine, and interaction with recourse persons, online tests and various participatory sessions.
  • The focus is on ‘learning by doing’. Since the methods used are experiential and interactive, you will imbibe the skills gradually over a period of time.
English & Communication Skills
  • Effective speaking skills
  • Listening skills
  • General knowledge
  • Writing/reading skills
  • E- Mail /telephone etiquettes
  • Grammar for personal and professional use
Personality Development & Job Skills
  • Self-Grooming and personal hygiene
  • Verbal- Non Verbal Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Interview Skills
  • Community Interaction
Through the curriculum of Soft Skills, we are here to help you by breaking your journey into achievable steps and giving you practical tips and methods for passing the milestones of life, along the way.
Department Mentors
Hiral Macwan, Academic Associate, Life Skills
Ms. Hiral Joseph Macwan has been the academic associate in the department of Life skills at TLSU,Vadodara having Sixteen(16) years of teaching experience (out of which three years as the chief coordinator of SPEC Campus, Bakrol and 6 years as a principal in charge) at the graduate level. She has worked as a moderator, convener, paper setter and examiner at the University examinations. She had been senate member at Sardar Patel University from six years. She has attended many seminars and presented paper. She had been the Workshop Director and co chair person at a national level seminar. She has been M.Phil in English and pursuing her Ph.D. She has got excellent academic record since schooling and stood second in M.A. (Final) at Sardar Patel University, Vidhyanagar and received gold medal at the graduate level for securing first rank. She likes to work in a dynamic environment-which can help her to enhance her skills & knowledge and enable to grow professionally and be expertise in making a positive difference to the University and the Society. She is dedicated and focused with ability to prioritize and complete multiple tasks and follow through to achieve set goal. She likes reading & loves trekking.
Ms. Ashwini Joshi, Academic Associate MBA, B.Com
Ms. Ashwini Joshi has been an Academic Associate in the Department of Life Skills since July 2015. She has done (HR) & MBA (HR/Marketing). She has a total of 7 years of work experience, which consists of 3 years as a corporate HR professional followed by around 4 years of experience in teaching soft skills, management subjects & Corporate Training.